Authentic Taste

To provide good quality food we cook each meal to order from fresh ingredients.  Fresh as in shopping two or three times a week and picking the best.  That alone is a labour of love.  We source genuine Thai supplies.  For instance, you have all heard of Angus Beef, but have you thought that ducks come in different types too.  Our preparation of curry pastes is traditional.  We cook them on a regular basis.  We make our own Tung Tong too.  None of this is the right way to do it, as a business.  As our discerning customers recognise, we are not heating up pre-made food from the wholesalers.  Did you ever wonder why takeaway food from most restaurants looks the same?  What we don’t do, is use MSG “for flavour”, or at all.  We don’t add salt to make customers order more drink.  We don’t skimp on portion sizes.  We DO cook meals which are labour intensive, because how else are you going to get the experience.  That’s why we have a following.

Vegans and Vegetarians

All of our food except the meats, fish, other sea food and oyster sauce, is suitable for vegans.  We recognise that tofu is different to soya and that there are different types of tofu.  Ours is not from the supermarket but comes from Leeds or Manchester.  Since we are cooking each dish fresh, we can leave out anything you don’t want.

Gluten temporarily in some items

Historically there was no wheat in Thailand, so no wheat products in our food.  For some unknown reason, wheat was added to tins of coconut milk, but for many years now this has not been the case.  We painstakingly checked.  However, with the economies of scale, with Covid-19 reducing the sit-in restaurant trade, we have had to furlough staff.  With only Sue the owner to cook now, some of the more labour intensive menu items have had to be temporarily suspended from the menu.  This must be happening more widely, because supplies of pastry made from rice flour for spring rolls or tung tong, have now been replaced by western flour.  Rice pastry is not as simplistic as normal wheat based pastry.  We will be able to do everything without gluten, but we may need advanced warning to prepare.

Lactose Intolerant

There is no milk in our food.  Coconut milk does not contain lactose and we have had many lactose intolerant customers without any problems.


In addition to the 14 allergens on the training courses, there are more.  Your order will be flagged up for an allergen, by writing “Allergen” on the order, writing what the problem is and starring each allergic meal on the table order.  Your order is then taken to the cook to discuss, before putting it into the order queue.  We check with the “plater upper” before and after, to make sure that we don’t inadvertently re-add anything.  Each plate or takeaway is marked with the allergen.  We have also translated all the key words and phrases into Thai.  We know that people with allergens really wish they did not have them and we pro-actively educate as many people as possible that this isn’t a life-style choice for finicky eaters.


The customer is always right and we keep a record of and learn from our mistakes, or where expectation was not met.  Over the years we have improved our systems.

For instance, wrong orders.  Food ordered in English is given a number, like 52 for Pad Thai, and a digraph, CK for Chicken.  This is translated into Thai in the kitchen, using a reference sheet with even the cooking instructions printed in Thai.  This has reduced the number of wrong meals.  As has reducing our aspirational number of menus (Lunch time, Early Bird, Takeaway, On-line, Main).  We check that the numbers you give and the name of the dish are the same as what we have, as there are some very old takeaway menus out there!  We still make mistakes, but we know why and we try to prevent them.  One cook lives in a world of short people so didn’t think to look up until we told her.  Another is a bit vain about being seen to wear spectacles, even if it’s only seeing her own reflection in the stainless steel.  We also found that not everyone can read Thai.  The solution for all of these is Team Work.  We have reduced wrong orders.


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